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Sly Reina is sly. ^_^
I can’t wait to hear Reina explain.
‘It’s still adorable. :3
Snuggles in the final panel!!
The cuteness levels! The are exceeding recommended levels! 😰😰😰
Reina looks like she has some mischievous thoughts going through her head. 😜
Ixis’ embarrassed face is adorably funny.
So cute and wholesome. ^_^
Reina: “I AM the adult.”
@Seven Rain Given now I was not disappointed or even close to so while reading this, I know you will not disappoint. I have a great deal of faith in you. :)
Well, I never was a fan of the story part of it. I just liked the games. Then GW fucked everything up with their latest editions.

Well, I hope they have a true happy ending. Not like the ending of Darling in the FranXX. (Sorry. I just adore them as a ship, especially because one is human and the other isn’t.)
And of course I will stick around. I love this series of yours.
I guess. It also sucks they can’t have kids though.

Also, sadly, I’m no longer a WH fan.
I wish Ixis could catch a break. Spend some loving and happy quality time with Reina. Poor boy. :(