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I wish I were a superhero.
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Sorry, no color this time. Use your e-magination! oooooo
Wow, those prison bars are so wonderfully done that there's no way prisoners could escape.
You're right, katwhacker! Unfortunatley I already had all the pages of chapter one drawn out, so I'll just post those and work on the angles in chapter two. But thank you for the suggestions!
I still find it really difficult to find a balance between pictures and words. Oh well, it just takes practice! :)
The Gang
So here is Azriaz's little gang of miscreants. The newest member is Sunni, who will get more back story later on, but I'll tell you now that she's Del's granddaughter, and that's why she has visions.
messy messy page. This bothers me.
Yay, actual comic now, and not just background. The story just switched from Azriaz to Zach.
Too Much
Wow I just realized how much info I tried to push onto this page :(
Just a little world setting...looks like the Titans aren't doing as good a job at world ruling as they thought they would
This is hilarious, I kind of wish they had to take MAN photos.

I miss comic pages centered on skye!
I seriously need to learn how to format comics. It seems so easy until you actually sit down to work. It's hard to organize all you want to see and say on a page.
Who be these ladies?
Nissa and Arethusa were leaders of the fairies and nymphs groups that raised Merle.

Merle definitely takes after Nissa.
Ooops I guess this is still really introduction stuff...but here comes Rex! Who is that glassed man?
Sky Gal. Haha, Puff will never get the name she wants.
Hahaha YES! I have finally caught up after reading through the archive. And I so adore this comic. Your imagination is fantastic! I love the characters and the funny little motions they do - like Xin slowly creeping up to Skye's desk. There's so much fun detail here. Can't wait to see the next page. :)
Can I just say I'm in love with your comic?? The style is absolutely adorable and incredibly funny. It's a serious page turner. And I love the contrast of characters between Skye, Xin, and Bailey. Bailey's little loop of hair on top of her head is wonderful.
I'm only on the second page and I'm already hooked in by the writing and the awesome stark contrast art. Seriously, I love the writing. Especially how the first page opened.
Whooh, with the intro out of the way now we can actually get into story mode
Page 2 of my speedy comic. I wonder if she needs a costume.
Eep, it sounds like a good idea but I'm art shy. I was a little afraid of posting in the first place, it'll take more guts to advertise it, lol.