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I love eeveelutions, I like to draw and color. I play videogames and I'm polite :D.
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Victini just called Speed boss. He isn't getting paid so he doesn't hate Speedy.
Um.. I can't remember what page its on off memory but 2 different chapters we see Victini talking with Manaphy saying something like how he isn't suppose to be around the eeveelutions anymore but he follows them to make sure they are safe and on the other chapter we have Sunshine saying a victini helped her when she got lost in the town. They are brief moments and only appear in convo between the characters. Less than a page long that's why its hard to remember. I belive Vi and Chill are the same Victini.
Anything I watch that has a girl or dude like someone else literally never get together until almost the end of the series. Sometimes it was all just a prank and a whole new person takes them away.
Some of these are not correct. For example, "...not before something weird happened with that brain damaged Glaceon which made Mrs Rin suspected her."
Vaporeon is probably saying that CC has stolen the focus off of the girls to her because she's a "monster" I guess. Vaporeon now wants to go over what happened that day.
Gai wouldn't be watching knowing that his sister and a little girl are in there too.
Hmm... Speedy's hair style changed. He died and grew back.
The memory Glaceon is thinking of is back in one of the early special chapters. Jolteon took Glaceon and Sylveon to town but they couldn't decide on where to go first resulting in both girls yelling "Gift Shop!" and "Book Store!" (something like this atleast). For the eye thing Flareon has some infection and when he gets near chocolate one of his eyes changes and the following night he sees Fluffy aka the tiny black eevee (soon to look like Sunshine) in his dream.
I think CC is from one of the times Palkia made. She could be on a future mission n got sent to this world for hero stuff or something but she cant remember. who knows maybe when Certain doom is right about to end the world she steps in n saves everyone
I think fluffy is turning into Sunshine like flare said earlier. Remember Fluffy did say "aye" earlier and is taking on the shape of sunshine.
Come on. There are 2 possibilities if you remember Espeon's special chapter. Pearl's dad told her the story of ms. mollys leg and it said that mrs molly's husband and friend were killed but a bazerk pokemon and it ate or leg and left 3 eggs alone. So either Molly's husband or the friend are Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon's parents.
I love Glaceon's eyes in panel 2! Soo cute
I love how fast this stuff is updating :D I might have to start checking here everyday now!