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I love eeveelutions, I like to draw and color. I play videogames and I'm polite :D.
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I think CC is from one of the times Palkia made. She could be on a future mission n got sent to this world for hero stuff or something but she cant remember. who knows maybe when Certain doom is right about to end the world she steps in n saves everyone
I think fluffy is turning into Sunshine like flare said earlier. Remember Fluffy did say "aye" earlier and is taking on the shape of sunshine.
Come on. There are 2 possibilities if you remember Espeon's special chapter. Pearl's dad told her the story of ms. mollys leg and it said that mrs molly's husband and friend were killed but a bazerk pokemon and it ate or leg and left 3 eggs alone. So either Molly's husband or the friend are Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon's parents.
I love Glaceon's eyes in panel 2! Soo cute
I love how fast this stuff is updating :D I might have to start checking here everyday now!