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@MouseWithADinosaurTail: i am confused on why anyone hated popplio so much I adored them when I first saw them.
hey hey casino will not be pleased
one of those coins are blurred out hmmmm
love thy cat already
its a wendigo!
this sans.......SO COOL!!
dammit I just fixed that!
shit he say my undertale fanfiction stash
stop being hot and adorable! what is wrong with me!!
*screams internaly* why!
hmm i'm interested
*SCREAMS INTERNALY* yup sibling love.
*hissss* I will bite and poison that asshole!!
1 so adorable 2 I am angered by the perfessor he will get whats coming to him will he?
one tat victini is not pleased
two the heck is wrong with that kid.
that badass popplio Is my favorite were be the story with them in it XD
welp tragic backstory yeah i'm pretty sure there is one.
that is more then likely a cliff. she will live what is a story if the main character dies way to early.
yes you go girl!
how about you go get yourself eaten I happen to like birds for lunch.