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fka ZSoj
My booooy ❤️

Game night? 👀
August 16th, 2019
Hard same
Someone looks like shit
@Sadastiltskin: Or he’s just horny for someone horny 👀
Back with a vengeance
Ohh fffuuuuu
omg Charlie in those last two panels <3
"Pony!" I just spit
Sweet, Hans. Debatable, but sweet.
It’s the artist equivalent of skipping the game tutorial 😂
@Zyephen: *sigh* Because I am a glutton for punishment when it comes to slow burn.
Then stop killing me! This is one of the “worst” slow burns I’ve read because this right here is the closest we’ve got to feelings from either of them in 400 pages 😂
Idk smooch him?
God you’re killing me with these two (and that damn cover every time you update 😒)
bless Mandy <3
ruh roh