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I, Sun-Beam, have a dream.
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The End. You know, for my first rodeo in drawing and writing a comic, I think I did OK. Obviously, I could use some improvements but I'll get that with practice. I'll see you next time on a new comic.
Witness what any sane person would do if they witnessed a thousand ship armada blow up in an instant. Angelus also casually blew up a galaxy, too. We'll just chalk that up as collateral damage.
I like characters with special attacks, so I implemented them in my story and Angelus has a lot of them.
February 27th, 2019
Hey man good job keep it up.
Title says it all.
I'm almost finished with the one-shot and I just went balls to the wall with this story trying to find my own style.
I'm almost finished with the one-shot and I just went balls to the wall with this story trying to find my own style.
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Man, I've noticed that this was extremely rushed and not well planned out. In fact, I haven't planned this whole thing out and was just wing it from the beginning. But if I decided just to continue to upload it for archiving purposes so I can see myself improving with the writing and art.
I drew this page so I can get some experience with drawing action scenes. For my first go at it, I think I did pretty well, compare to the last page.
This page is kinda janky. Oh well, at least there's a cat girl here.
Title is pretty self explanatory.
Well... that escalated quickly.
Looking at it now, this story is moving at a very fast pace. Oh well, I'll learn from this and try to adjust in future stories.
Due to popular demand, the movie renting chain, Video, is finally closing it's doors (Streaming killed all of its business). Angelus and Alexandria bought the chain for really cheap and is now having a massive clearance sale, all inventory must go! Due to Alexandria being a psychic and controlling the minds of hundred of people, the sale is a massive success.
This is a one shot and my first comic, so please excuse all of the amateur mistakes. This is a chapter cover by the way, similar to what you'll find when reading manga. This will be the the only one I'll most likely will draw though.