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I like webcomics, and making amv's (stupid youtube banned my account). I like Vampire novels, and romances. Anime, and retro cartoons.

I've been contemplating starting a comic, but I can't draw. But I'm really good at coloring, if anyone needs a colorist!*sweatdrop* hey, you do what you can...
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Ah, Finally NEA is up. A sweeter comic compared to Forget me Knot.... the art is better... But its hard to compare a years change in art styles right? Well Welcome to Never Ever After!
wow, I finally got the first of the actual comic pages up....
Now I'm not proud of these pages to come. They're the original pages I drew, all those eons (okay a year) ago. I'll let you know when my good 'now' art comes in.

so yeah, right now the four main characters are 18.... I warn you ahead of time, there are a lot of flash-backs in this comic!
yay! update!
My mood went from "grr hate everything" to "OMG the world is golden!" when I saw Rebel Prince on my updates!
I can't say anything, I'm a boob girl myself ^.-
awww poor Kino! So cute... but no clue.
Pick number 2 sweetie, come on you know thats the right one, come on.
God I love Witch-Mommy! She is my absolute favorite reoccurring character! I wants to be her when I grow up!....Especially if I can have her triplets to amuse me.
YAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAY!!!!! I love it when you update! Such a beautiful page!
Seriously Kea, if you don't want him I'll take him!
Risa explains the comic.
Welcome! This lovely lady is Risa Cherry. When I have a chance to, I'll be uploading the rest of the comic that I've been working on. When I do Risa, our host, will lead you through her adventure and life. Thank you for your patience.
I may not comment much, but I just love this story. I'll cry when you post the last page!

I'm from Saskatchewan, Canada.
November 27th, 2008
don't worry... I wrote a story that had nothing to do with vampires, but my main character was named Edward... but I killed him off, and people accused me of wanting the Twilight series to die...
I love Peep, she's soo sweet!
LOLZ!!! that is freakin' awesume!
that looks absolutly beautiful. Now I know why you wanted one without background.
*giggles* too cute!
house is a pervert
*giggles* sounds like my old math teacher
September 4th, 2008
I love Jade! She's soo cute!!!