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ray is just an anime villain but like. a very lovable one
SO sorry this one is so short i spent a disproportionate amount of time agonizing over painting techniques and how much/how little to shade as well as working out the kinks in the brushes i use anyway wahoo you now meet the rest of the team , all of whom are shit tier people but very dear to me
sorry these kicked my ass
chiara "i got this tat before i knew it was against the dresscode" richards
was playing skyrim on screenshare last night and my friends almost saw the tab i had open that was just called "feet references" and honestly they would have clowned on me so hard
drawing this chapter is just like. how can i convey in as many possible ways that chiara is jacked and CAN kill someone
well well well.... look at me i actually added light and shadow! anyway heres wonderwall
listen. i did promise an extra and you are getting one

also if it wasnt obvious i wanted to make chiara's character design as sharky as possible and then i started thinking about putting her in a shark costume and of course i just picked the worst one on google images
holy shit finally finished episode 1. now we can move on to present day thank GOD. thanks to everyone for reading! I know this was a bit of a short episode so I'll post something extra before E2 starts.
First page of update
ngl 10 pages every 3 days is a bit breakneck for me so what I think I'll do is 7 pages weds and 10ish sunday. thanks for being patient as I figure my schedule out!
^ first page of update
today on: close ups of chiara's FUCKED hands
blushing thug alert
me whenever I draw Chiara: hyes,,, make her more Swole,,,,
omg her hands are so good and she's a qween
^ first page of update

my first midnight update! the site gave me a hard time uploading but we did it lads

also you may notice that this is an extra long update (10 pages)!!! i hope i can keep this schedule up, because I like the pacing this way. anyhow see you all on wednesday!!!
^ first page of update
First page of update --->
^ First page of update!!

full disclosure im swamped with exams at the moment, and I fully intend to make updates longer after the test gauntlet is over. i dont like the slow conversation snippet uploads any more than you do lol <---- first page of update!!