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Hello! I'm just a trans guy who enjoys art and stories, so I draw comics :)

You can also read my comics on Tapas:
It's been a while. During the past month I've only been working and sitting at home, feeling inadequate and empty inside. I wasn't feeling satisfied with my style or excited about working on this project. Rather than trying to hold on to a style I didn't love, I allowed myself to experiment a bit in this page, and suddenly drawing was fun again! Let me know what you think of this style. I used some different stylistic elements as well as colouring techniques and schemes.
Sometimes I also run into this problem after scanning a page, I just turn it manually in the editing program I use :)
I'm so glad my mom has given up on asking me about dates, for the most part haha. I'm sure she won't be surprised anymore whatever route my love life takes.
That's adorable! Nothing beats handmade gifts to those you care about in my opinion :)
Nice details in the background! I especially like the pattern on the flower vase, reminds me of Greek vases
Sometimes cliches work :)
I've never enjoyed RPGs but this was a fun arc!
Of all the people in the group, I didn't see coming that he would be helpful beyond giving up his items
This is a really nice illustration!
Glad to hear your exhibition went well :)
@kidcthulhu: I sure hope so! The best art is personal I think. Although I wasn't struggling so much when I wrote this scene, I still found it important.
Sorry for the late update, I got quite busy with my new job. I wanted to participate in the pride month contest Tapas was hosting, but I didn't have time/energy for that either :( what are you gonna do when you live in a capitalist society and you need to pay rent so you don't end up sleeping in the streets (I'm of the, to some, controversial opinion that having a home is a human right, just like food and water. I also haven't been eating anything but pizza's from my work because I have no money for food). Also related to money: I'm almost out of watercolour paper (after this page I can finish two more pages before I run out) and I'm not sure if my paycheck will allow me to buy new paper, or if I should save this money for the daily costs of living and surgery. We'll wait and see if this comic goes on hiatus or not.
Isn't it neat how my financial struggles coincide with Chris's? I'm sure it will be fine. I can't wait to have a salad instead of pizza haha.
@Linn: Hahahah I would feel the same way, I'm super suspicious of new people XD
@kidcthulhu: Honestly, if you're not ready to have a kid with autism you're not ready to have a kid, I cannot imagine anyone would rather have their child die than have autism. I probably have autism and it's not so bad :/
Aww I'm proud of her!
Amazing, simply amazing
The legal drinking age used to be 16 here, but it was changed to 18 just before I turned 16 myself haha. The first time I had a proper drink (or three) was right after uni on the day I turned 18 at 1 P.M. before we had lunch. Maybe not the best idea but I had the best time!
@kidcthulhu: Glad you think so! You're right about that, it's easier to get to know a person/character when there's fewer people so they have a better chance to shine :) Some people thrive in big groups, some need more intimate settings.
Another reason we just stare at the USA in disbelief from Europe... Hopefully those anti-vaxxer ideas won't make their way here and vanish from the USA soon.
I agree with other commenters that this is really refreshing and nice, I also do not like the instant soulmate trope XD relationships take time and work!
I love the energy radiating from the bands, lovely page!
Happy Pride month!
This page might be a bit redundant but Fenella needed a moment to speak comfortably with someone in the group she trusts :) although she's quiet and doesn't know what to say, it will be a pleasant memory. As someone who's usually quiet in larger groups (read: more than two) I can confirm that we are quite comfortable being quiet and just listening.
This souvenir will help her... se souvient? Translating mid sentence to make a joke doesn't work as well as I'd hoped. My French is super rusty too.
@kidcthulhu: Thank you!
It's sad we have so many limitations placed on us because of money :/