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I like books, music, winter, and art of all sorts. I ski, read, write, draw unsuccessfully, sing, and play the flute. I am presently a full-time student with a part-time job at a veterinary clinic.

In other words, I'm mentally unstable, I love my computer, I'm a manga geek, and I like to cook and sew clothes on the side. I adore sleep. I never get it.

By the way, the nightly CSI marathons on Spike are really awesome.
I adore Adalia. SO FUCKING MUCH.
Someone else asked what color her hair was pre-going grey, and I'd like to know too. I can't picture her with non-grey hair. xD
Oral sex is pretty fab with women (or anyone, really). Having both recieved it and performed it, I can say this confidently. Those who think it's disturbing are clearly missing out. xD

Also, Eila looks like she's having a fabulous time. Love it when people draw porn where the participants look happy. :D
August 22nd, 2011
May I just say I love how your characters are all different shapes and not like all skinny and perfect. Like Juvciel is SEXY. And curvy. And love it.

And also creepy but that's ok too.

I love Kresin. She's such a badass.
August 11th, 2011
I'm super-interested in the fact that Mags' eye is messed up in Chiranoble form but not in Bezzafrayl form. Is this meaningful? xD
This is such a subjective art form. As a writer, I understand that constructive criticism is important, and it's good to get it. It's hard to get it in a review, though, and not like someone telling it to your face or betaing for you.

However, I don't think you should be too downhearted, because we do love this comic. It's legitimate to read something and realize that maybe you want to change things, and I could imagine rewriting would be a lot tougher when it comes to comics than straight writing, because I'm assuming you'd have to do some redrawing as well. So if the review brought up things you do want to change, by all means, take your time to do what you think is right. We'll back you up the whole way.

But do know that lots of people find Paradox a fun, cliche-breaking, excellently drawn and written BL story, and that's not going to change. :D
Actually, I really, really, really DO wanna know, Samsol. Seriously. D:

Definitely thought Dake was fapping there for a moment, too, ngl. I love the face Ana-Tanashi (is that his name?) has. Sort of both benevolent and mischievous.
Also being fairly blind, I have to say I'm shocked at how well Tommy can function glasses-less. I wish I was that functional without correction, dammit. xD
Let me just say I LOVE THE PLOT of this.

I was slightly disgruntled for a while, but now that Hidukul's strategy problems are being addressed, I'm super-excited to see where this is going.

Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Hidukul's wife was the strategist. I love that this is a BL comic with bamfy women. :D Yaaaay!
I think I see why Hidukul is at war with the rest of the world now. He sucks at diplomacy. xD

What position does Horus hold in this sort of council thing? I guess, what I mean is, what qualifies him to do this? Was it mentioned somewhere and I missed it? >.>

ETA: O.o the soldiers are fucking sketchy, man. But awesome.
C'mon, Hiddy. Now that you've fired the first shot, it's all your fault when the international conflict gets worse and everyone will have a reason to boycott you.
dake, I appreciate how badass you are despite having (a) punctured lung(s). Please don't stop being wonderful.

ahhhh dake with a beard this is somehow both terrifying and fabulous
Do you know the comic Starfighter?

It printed an uncensored book--you might want to ask the artsit, Hamletmachine, where she got them printed. The printer of Acid Monday here on smackjeeves found a place, too. :)
Oh my god, I love Vincent.
Frankly, I think Hidukul is way sexier than Jack, even if he looks older. xD Something about the fuzziness and the lines under his eyes. God, I'm a creeper. xD
I have read this page like forty times and love the itty bitty family. Oh my god, they have a good things shelf this is the cutest thing ever
Ahahaha, I love the look on his wife's face. It's just like, OH BOYS.
Am so glad I know Spanish right now, because loooooooool. Even better because I've heard people actually use some of those insults, haha.
I like the name Astrid, actually, though I really don't care too much, I think Kate could work just as well and so could Emily. They all could fit her, I think.

I have just been thinking, though, on how wonderful it is that this story is clearly going to be long and involved. We're nearly 50 pages in and I feel like you haven't even begun getting into the meat of it, and that is SO EXCITING to me. xD
Congratulations! That's great!