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Back in the Saddle!
Well, hopefully I can update this close together.
Back in the Saddle?
Oh look, plot, and maybe action.
Well, it's been almost 2 weeks since an update, I'll try to be more frequent for this story piece.
Sex Games
A character introduction comic, not very necessary but still needs to be done.
Make it a Decafe
Well, the story is actually starting to shape, if you don't understand a lot, you could read the comic description or just let the details come to you.
Attention Shoppers
The text bubbles got sloppy, but I did the best I could, the joke is bad but hey, what can you do, I'll be sure to post more along the way.
Use to It
The first real post, hopefully more will follow.
A Sneaky Peak
Well, this is sorta what it's gonna look like only with backgrounds, dialogue, and plot.
just finished archives and faving
come on hockey u can do it
i cant believe your the only people who are doing something like this. im quite impressed and its true we should never forget this day.
The thing about animal crossing is it never ends!!!
My cousin loves Olimar, but uses him rarely. He prefers Zero Suit Samus. Like I don't know why.