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Valentine | m | straight
gamedesigner | screenwriter | DM
atheist | scienticist | relativist
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My secret enjoyment is making same shots to show the passing of time. Same pages too. Yes, I'm that cheap.
@MistyTang: well, true, I'm just fairly new and clumsy here. But I gotta +star all my fave comics here too, right?
Oh, heeeeeere's my favourite comic... now on smackjeeves.
I mean... everyone likes suits, right?
@Aaron: thank you c:
Chester ain't looking that good.
This was majorly a test page to understand how the backgrounds work, so it's a meh. Couldn't decide about how dulled the colours should be.
And so, we begin with the first real chapter. I cannot say that the artwork style changed too much - though it's absolutely not the one I usually use for images. To be honest, I always wanted to have a more toony, exaggerated style, such as dinolich has, for example, who just so happens to be the source of my biggest inspiration ever since 2015 maybe..? Truth is, I never managed to be consistent with toons for some reason, giving them unnecessary details, so in the end, I've decided to stick to my usual semirealistic one. It took me a whole comic to understand that, and I'm not going to twist my arm again by trying to change myself C:
Androgynous peeps are so cool, though.
@KyrkotheAmpharos: oh, thank you for noting! It stayed up for around five minutes after the upload, but something went wrong. Should be fixed by now.
Because we all love pathetic overt-the-top quotes, right? ;)
And here we are at the end of the introduction at last.
Maybe we were paying too much attention to backgrounds, huh?
September 26th, 2019
Well, that was a nice lil' read c:
...don't even ask.
@Awwwww: ty, we try our best c:
I've been uploading the very last minute lately. A lot. There are reasons for that, unfortunately, and not the ebst ones.

That said, page ten! We're almost done with the intro! I'm excited.
I don't ave good taste, did you notice?
Chester is being overly dramatic, he is C:
When the story was first written, I pictured this page completely differently! But, my mate who helped with the comic, wanted to try herself in storyboarding, so around 70% of storyboards are by her, with just 30% of those I am incredibly strict about. Still, whoever of us made his board, it looks good imo.