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My art is as random as me XD. I draw pokemon and other crap. That's all folks.
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What i mean was he wanted to learn how to dodge so he could get away with it. Wasn't that the reason Gai asked him to help him?
Flare: what kind of training did you do?
Gai: Dodging, fighting and stuff....

Ahem...stalking gurls .-.
@pixlyJolt: is there a reason ur assuming im stupid and ignorant? or are u just saying that to feel better about urself?
@pixlyJolt: she right bro. why u gotta do dis to me
Night in the background doing a bottle flip XD
He looks so happy to go to school. Im surprised.
I honestly couldn't give a second thought
Wow! This comic looks great! Love your style!
Nah she was on the bed she probably "rolled off"
Poor guy he did nothing to deserve all that