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Is There A Real Sonic??????
I love playing videogames that have Sonic,Mario,Sora,Megaman,and Naruto. I love reading really good comics and i like chatting with friends.
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Sonira do u want to help me with my comic??????
All credit to these sprites go to Cyan the fox. i didn't steal these sprites i asked permission before i put these up. I need some authors and help on this comic send applications if u want to help me!!!!!
Thanx DGF! would u like to help me with my comics?????
I need some ideas and authors to help me! Can Someone make me a banner????
I need some help finding sprites and stuff and need authors!
The World of Sonic and mario!!!
Well i am finding sprites and stuff so this is it for right now. i am gonna be gone for the weekend so be expectin a new comic monday or tuesday!
Ur comics rule! i want to make a comic so bad but i don't know how!
Good Job on these comics they are awesome they really make you wanna get on ur computer just to see what happens next!
Poor poor chaos all he wanted was some dang nachos but knux had to run off screamin.
bye knux
Poor Knuckles i think he is gone no wait no he isn't oh yes he is gone out of angel islands and all the way to the edge of the comic feild!!!!!
I love this freaking comic you need to put the shy guy with toon link!!!!!!
I think knux is gonna have one hell of a fight on his hands.
Ur Comics are freakin hilarious i love how u put urself in them instead of some random character. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
It Makes Me wonder why is knuckles running toward zero,and is shadow really gonna kill zero?? guess i will have to wait for the next comic.