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Oh man...
The next page will be early! You've got other things going for you than lateness! Comic Ladd! Comic Ladd! Comic Ladd! You can do it!
@Darius Drake: You're right! We've gotta...
Ah, the question was forgotten already. Never mind.
I tell ya, it's freaking horror. Before you know, you've spent most of your day there! And it feels okay afterwards! What is that stimulating stuff?
Before I anwer the question: It's "...isn't it", not "hasn't it". That would be wrong grammar. Also, he's spoken before.
(Comic Lad, Comic Lad, Comic Lad)
Blitzkrieg! Blitzkrieg! Blitzkrieg! Your name makes people cheering to you sound like wardogs, but GO GET'EM TIGER!