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Martin Prower
Feel free to ask me for advice or help, I wont bite your head off. I'm not a demon

Oh, I'm also in Scotland (part of the UK) and damn proud of it

Please send me a PM before adding my MSN/Yahoo
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    Just call me Martin or MP
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I don't think Marth would do well in the world of retail...
Is Togepi doing a nazi salute?
That's a lot of they's for what appears to be a singular person
Just admit it, you're too distracted by Pokémon Go
Greetings from imgur!
I don't have an account there so I decided to comment here instead, congrats on the FP
@BoltOfSpades: As an avid user of photoshop I can safely say that the fault lies with you
@aqua the hedgie & @kmarwx: Lasted a little over five years, shame it died...
'Twould seem I don't make a very good bouncer, sorry Met!
I am honoured to have gotten to appear in this and I look forward to seeing your future works
@Snurple-the-Hedgehog: Silly you, you have me here to check things like this
Assuming it's just the heart beating in the 3rd panel, it's working fine
He's trying to make love, not war
@Mastermind9: Yeah... tinypic isnt as friendly as it used to be for image hosting...
I'll be here when you get back, that's a promise
I'm going to guess he doesn't mean Martha
You need a capture card
Put on some shoes you hobo!