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I read a lot. I am an artist. I am a huge fan of trading and collecting new Pokémon cards and on Pokémon go.
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@EpicSignal: I'll take your word for it!
Mah ship! Please save it from sinking PKM-150!!
poor speedy. always being insulted by Lazuli
@Hardychuckle: the way you say that..........XD
painful much?
@EpicSignal: this shows that lazuli's love for Speed is great
Gasp, lazuli and favoritism?! such a bad combination.
His face tho..
Poor Blizz XD
Ember: *LE GASP* A sitrus berry tree!!
Me: ._.
@Flareon1225: I know right?
@SilverLunarwing: Take your time. also, THIS IS SOOO CUTE!!
i wonder what they are going to do with CC.
@jaketheflareon231: They gon' teach her how to be crazy