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Just some help for y'all
Not all the characters have a chance at being prom king and queen, so here's who are running/have a chance at winning. For Prom Kings, we have Gavin, Devon, Drew, Rob, and Randy. Rudy doesn't have a chance because he's not in the graduating class. For Prom Queens, we have Rain, Emily, Colette, Holly, Debbie, and I think maybe Maria. Now, to explain why Chanel, Ana, and Ky don't have a chance. Chanel is in grade 9/is a freshmen. I'm pretty sure Ana is not in the running. Ky isn't a student at the school. And to explain Maria and Colette. Maria was still allowed to come to the prom so she could still actually win prom queen. Colette is unfortunately for him in the running for Prom Queen and is obviously not out publicly yet. This is just to help some people who forget.
YAY! Colette accepted the blazer! And I love the two's "wink wink" little thing about being "warmer" XD
June 17th, 2019
Gavin is Best Boi
I remember in 1 of the previous chapters when Rudy was texting Colette while him and Gavin were hanging out, Gavin was jokingly teasing Rudy about texting a "girl" and realized from how Rudy reacted that it was possible that the person Rudy was texting (who Gavin saw was Colette from the contact name) could've been a trans guy.

Since he knows that Colette is actually a guy and sees who Colette is, I think he's trying to make up for thinking Colette was a girl at first. Gavin's definitely grown as a person majorly, he went from being lowkey transphobic to probably one of the best allies ever.

Gavin does dumb things, but he's also grown and can read people better, so even though he doesn't understand dysphoria himself, he can tell that Colette is likely uncomfortable and probably hopes that offering his blazer to him might at least make Colette feel a bit better.

Let's hope Colette takes this well ^-^
I'm so confused. Dervorse is divorce...right? and I assume poligamy is another spelling of polygamy...?
May 10th, 2019
@Guest: I think Ana's just holding her dress
@Amy: if it's on deviantart, you can tag her and it should show up in her mentions
I'm honestly scared of what the receptionist is gonna say XD