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Lol, I always knew Zero was sneakier than anybody gave him credit for.
I couldn't help myself, so I made a lolcat out of the last panel of the last comic. It it's crap, but I just had to do it.
Oh good lord. Ryan just started a whol new lol cat craze.

And in case anybody else doesn't get it, Yes, it was intentional for that last panel to be misspelled and have bad grammer. Google "lolcats" and you'll see why.
I believe she's a dual type, ice and water.
In the first panel, Sonic should be saying "I let you catch up."
Very Laurel and Hardy.
Well, she's a biped, he's a quad.....

I don't really see it working out.
I can only imagine How Bass will be when he finds out his dog is killed by Shadow.
@ Angel85
Check out Ties that Bind PT 74. Shadow prettty much says as much.
lol, I almost hate the fact that you're about to cut back to a different story. I wanna read more!
Found another mistake while crusing through the Archives. Take a look at Battle Royale Part 39. I believe Buzz was trying to say "But I never" In the second panel.

And in panal 4 of Battle Royale part 72, King should be saying "Then I'll just have to defeat you BY destroying the Chaos Shell itself!" You forgot "by".
And in Battle Royale Part 40, Shouldn't Buzz's question end with a Question Mark and not an exclamation mark? It is a question and not just a sarcastic statement right?
You edited that post after I posted. When I posted it, all it said was "first comment."

Edit: I've been reading this comic a long time. And I think it's rude towards the comic creator for people to just post "first comment" without saying a thing about the comic. Maybe they do it as a place holder because they need time to think of something to say, and being first is just so fundamentally important to them. I dunno.

You can feign ignorance all you like. I don't care. I know what I saw.

Edit 2: In fact, I find the whole "first comment" thing to be juvenile. Who care's who is first? All I care about is reading the comic and commenting.

Edit 3: @DivineAll, no it's right. Cream doesn't know that Bass is evil. Robo Wily is just protecting her from that fact.

Edit 4: @ Gamemaster: I don't really care anymore. I've decided it isn't worth getting worked up over. Let's just keep discussion on the comic shall we?
BlueJay, don't comment just to have a first comment. It's annoying.

And really, is it really that much of a difference with Bass? He was created by an "evil" scientist to do "evil" things. He already has the highest body count in the comic. Plus he has been exposed to Evil Energy before.
Does Cream even know what it is?

Edit: A energy form that naturally shapes itself into a skull? Gee, I dunno angel. Maybe it's care bear power?[/sarcasm]
Know thine enemy, right?
And next comes Ashura and X. Either way, it's bad news for Mother Elf.
What does Harpuia Top out at? What is his top speed?
Zing! Surly green robot number 1 gets off a nasty one!
What kind of convuluted plan is he thinking up?
there is an uneeded "it" in the first panel. You don't need to have it in the last sentance.