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the final big fight begins!
There will probably be a sudden influx of pages now :) I finished pencilling the final chapter last week, now its all down to inking and toning, but the longest part is over XD
I'm really excited to get this finished though, and move on to my next project, which I've already started pencilling ^^
The last chapter has also coencided with my first summer break in like 7 years lol! For the first time since I left Uni, I have a stable enough income to take some time off for the summer...and I'm gonna focus on getting S+F finished! Ah it'll be like the old days when I was a kid, and had enough free time to do 3 pages a day when I got home from college haha XD how did I do it??
Time to roll up my sleeves! Heres hoing I'll be updating almost every day! :)
Hanuman did alot of cool stuff...perhaps most famous, and depicted here...He was asked to get an antidote plant upon a mountain for Ramas brother who was poisened....but Hanuman wasnt sure which plant was needed, so he used his giant size and strength to carry the whole mountain back to Rama!
A new page...I'm up to a years worth of content, if I ever managed to upload a page a day :p
Super Hanuman to the rescue!!! :D
A certain bear knows how to break a certain monkey's curse....
April 27th, 2017
:o woah look at that...we're back! And quite enthusiastic to keep going btw XD So hopefully we'll start updating weekly again. Adult life is rly hard lol Its so hard to find the time to draw ;_;

Jameson is suddenly looking almost as stressed as Devin, what did Archie say to make him react like that?? :o
oh nooo! D:
@sentiashinou: Ah thank you!! I always get then and than mixed up XD
@AmiC Eee omg Journey to the West!! I always wondered if Son Goku was inspired by Hanuman, cos they have very similar magical powers and are both monkeys. I looked it up and apparently some scholars say they might be linked, but no one knows for sure. It would be fun to draw a version of journey to the west!!
Again, the Ramayana is a huge epic story....this page is literally short hand for a whole bunch of stuff that happens...go read it sometime :3
Anyone remember Hanuman from the beginning of the last chapter? Yeah, ofc you dont, that was like probably 2 years ago now XDD
The body language is supposed to be demonstrative and therefore OTT...but I like the idea that he's just shouting at that vanara whise pretty much right next to him lol
Theres a very looooong story behind Ravana capturing Sita so he can get to Rama, but I can't draw that much, so this'll get across the idea lol
@sentiashinou: lol yeah!! It would probably be easier if I read comics right from the start as they're updating, but I'm normally following comics that've been going for AGES, I never seem to catch up on anything XD
And thank you! The Ramayana is one of my fave stories/legends, so I'm having a lot of fun drawing parts of it~
I've been reading webcomics pretty much every morning...but they're all over on tapastic! :o I need to get back into reading stuff on here and webcomics that have their own website, yup yup <3 Its been a while since I read any SJ comics ;_;
The last chapter begins with a segment from the Ramayana, a story spanning back 1000s of years that influenced Hinduism forever- isnt it amazing what stories can do? o_o
I was super excited to draw this, cos the Ramayana is an AWESOME story! And I highly recommend you look it up for yourself, its just a great fantasy :3

I hear Dreamworks are making their own version of the Ramayana, unfortunately it sounds like its gonna be loosely based rather then a proper adapation...which is such a shame! This story would make such a cool animation!!

I've been waiting for so long to finish up this comic...looking forward to it!!
*gasp* cliff hanger page!!