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Jus incase anyone reading is going to Thought Bubble...I'll be there selling stuff! And Strangers & friends is officially finished! It'll take a while to catch up on here, but yuup I printed the second volume all ready to be sold at T-bub :D I'm so hapy to have it finally finished XD I'm very pleased with it though, cant blieve I got this 400 page monster all finished! <3
Gramps is the epitamy of wise old man, he doesnt need to acknowlege that hannah knows everything, just gets right to the point lol
A difficult question. Although I think I made it apparent when Hemu was attacked, that Rob's aggression didnt really come from a 'I think Hemu's a murderer' pov, it was more deep rooted and many people irl, Rob found a unwarrented excuse to let out anger that he has been taught to let out a certain way (ie. via racism rather then a healthy outlet, ie. talking through feelings). If that makes sense o_o
difficult questions have to be asked, now they know hemu is the hero n not the bad guy...
@eternalbeliever12 Eeee thank you! And yeah, it is kinda sad :( This is first long comic I've completed in like almost 10 years o_o Its been a while since I finished a big project D:
@sentiashinou Aaaww thank you! Nooo you're not spamming, I always love your comments <3
@sentiashinou aawwww yeeeaaah :D
@happy-sloth I wont tell what happens! Hopefully nothing bad!
go go go!! :o
I love how mind blowing and Carl Sagan-ey science can be :3
I wish I could fave every page to express how beautiful I think this comic is *_* I havent read anything in a while that has the whole combo of great pacing, great body language/expressiin, and beautiful art! Plus I love how well researched the setting is, the little details in the backgrounds and costumes makes me feel really embedded in history! Just overall an awesome comic so far! :D
Eeee I'm so glad this comic is still going!! :D I havent read in ages, not since I stopped going on DA. I just chowed through chap 4- WOW so intense!!
*crosses fingers with Happy Sloth* :D
@sentiashinou Lol XD He will always be so easy to draw haha
HEMU stop caring about other people! D:
Aaah I havent read this comic in ages, I'm so glad its still going!! :)
hannah's messed up for life :p
ha, I only finished this page last week...but since I'm on holiday now I've been doing 3 pages a I'm way ahead from this! :3 just steaming aalong to get this finished now~
@CAMLOST Yaaay! :D Haha I gotta say I've been away for a long time too XD I have SO many comics to catch up on SJ, I only just finished catchung up on comics over on tapastic ;_;
the final big fight begins!