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These guys didn't form by fighting over a powerful weapon though lol
I have a feeling he means either Manaphy or Phionne for some reason
Imma be honest, I like this page a lot
She called him a terrible father and I feel the next page will show that hes offended. Then again, I could be wrong
Something bad is gonna happen next page
He did mention that the ship was going to happen
At least I'm not the only one, thank god
Said Ultron trying to complete his mission of ending life on Earth
Well that escalated quickly
I sense another double ship
Wonder what's on her mind
First off, lazuli and leaf are sisters, so no.
Also speed and flare are brothers so no
Teasing her about jolteon probably
Well, in special chapter 4 mrs Mollie said she lost her husband and 3 unhatched eggs...
I mean, flare is a flareon, not an eevee, so he should be able to learn things and eventually he will be able to control the virus inside him
@The outsider she crawled into her arms but she acted frightened bc she was tired maybe?