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You know nothing about me. Let's keep it that way. =^.^=
Is Speed blushing?! Or is it just the glowing stuff on Sylvia?
Oh god..... what’s Lazuli gonna do about Sylvia breaking Speed’s bones?
Oof! I love this page
I’ve never seen Flare/Fluffy look so angry (panel 9 and 10)
In the future of course
@LazuliGlaceon1: as in, family meetings won’t be so awkward anymore, when Lazuli and Speed go to Leaf and Flares home, Lazuli and flare might not be so awkward anymore
Yay, Lazuli and Flare are finally having some interaction! This will help very much in the future~......... 😏
@whyrureadindis: sorry I spelled ur name wrong 😅
Hello awesome person scrolling and reading this comment! How was your day?
Oof I love this page so much!
*LE GASP!* if you look very closely at Black in the last panel, you can see that he’s blushing! Aww! To be honest, Black looks cute when he’s blushing =^ . ^=
Awwwwwww! You go black! Make your move and claim your girl!
I’m a little concerned for Sylvia..... Speed already rejected her so why does she think Speed likes her now?! I’m sorry, but I’m a hardcore Speed x Lazuli shipper so this page got me to laugh and get a little upset 😂 lol
Poor Sylvia.... I feel you sister! I too am scared of heights.
Black on panel 5: Are you talking to me?
Oof, It sounds like I was being sarcastic... I’m not. I really mean it: Good job! And Keep It Up PKM-150!
Nyuuuu, mah ship!!! Why Silvia!? Also great job PKM-150
Next time on Eevee Squad: Jolteon gets mad at Lazuli!
In panel 4: Only THREE days have passed?!
And I’m surprised that Lazuli hasn’t blushed on this page yet, despite the entire page being about her crush and being a mommy to Sunshine.