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You know nothing about me. Let's keep it that way. =^.^=
In panel 4: Only THREE days have passed?!
And I’m surprised that Lazuli hasn’t blushed on this page yet, despite the entire page being about her crush and being a mommy to Sunshine.
@DreamHorrendous: I think that’s in another comic PKM-150 is working on..
EKK ITS SOOO GOOD!!!!! Keep it up PKM-150! =^.^=
TobySPY: That’s legit what I was thinking! Except, Lazuli wouldn’t be siblings with Speed. THEY GONNA GET MARRIED!!!!! :D
Step 4: Admit who your one true love is.......... 😏 you can do it Lazuli!
So much detail.................. EKK! Why can’t I draw like that?! 😂
Uhm, who is the Leafeons daughter? I should know this 😅
Glaceon x jolteon: same here😂
I love how it’s extremely easy to tell the umbreons apart ( panel 4 )
Lazuli - Tsundere level 100
Does anyone else think Sylvia still like Speed??????????????????????
Wow Kriss. I see what you’re doing~... 😋
I love how calm Lazuli is right now :)
Sylvia don’t u dare... RUIN MAH SHIP!!!! Speed x Lazuli 4 ever
EKK! I ship Lazuli and Speed!!! <3
Lazuli’s face is making me laugh! I love the cover by the way, keep up the good work PKM-150
Awwwww I love it! Keep it up PKM-150