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Any day or time, whenever
Gayness will be last forever ?️‍?
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he dont knew and thought maybe he's not
so decided to check twice and dont just believe to a random stranger
he can see but he never knew knew how alive mouse looks like, he knows only how it smells! (and tastes lmao)
February 20th, 2019
omg she's so hecking cute i can't wait to see the next updates!! qwq
Hello! Right now I have some HUGE problems with USB for my graphics tablet. I broke the last one. And all of them. Their blood is on my hand, I'd say. SO YEAH, this is the reason I used linework layers for the clouds at this page.
Maybe it'll be some hiatus or something while I'm trying to find another USB. I'll do it and draw some new pages *ASAP*, but can't promise for sure!
Thanks for your understanding.
dude, Henbane Fur have a hole in his head lmao
i guess it's hard to notice, but its not a spoiler so yeah
he have a hole on his head!! o:
February 16th, 2019
@BearFangs: let us pray for his health!!
but actually, he will survive. probably. at least for the next 7 updates uwu