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Your average girl who's been drawing all her life. My likes include:
-RPG/Fighting Video games
-Tae-kwon-do/Self Defense classes
-And Role Playing

I'm from Texas, but currently am stationed in Japan. I'm a Navy Sailor.
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OMG, I almost can't believe I reached the end of updates already. I swear I nearly bit through my lip a few times trying not to laugh out loud cause my bf is sleeping right next to me!

I'm STILL laughing at Sanders pulling a Baby carrier out of Jock's pants. Not to mention the youtube video and the guy saying he couldn't read.

This is classy! I love every page. <3
ha ha, Atty looks so confused. Like "What? I thought he'd like the candy. How ungrateful..."

I guess it's very specific items that a pokemon can hold and bring into their pokeballs.
Man, I wanted to be stationed on the west coast BECAUSE of all the conventions over there...english anime conventions. Japan is nice, but I don't understand much.

News about a contest flew over my head. o.o; Sounds fun.

Love this wallpaper! I've been getting big on YYH again. And yay~ Kuwabarra cosplayer. He's one of my favorite characters, but they don't even both making action figures for him over here. D8
The greatest fact is that everyone is a stick figure except the 2 of them. XD