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Nah, I'll pass on this... It aint no Match-maker site...
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I'd still love to see what you would have made :3
This is not an illusion...
I guess I lied. Let's see how this goes.
375 days later...
It's been a while. No excuses, just lazy. Enjoy.
terrible lol
Woah hasn't even been a full month!
Enjoy a not so frequent update.
On tonights episode....
Dur Hur, comic
Take what you get, enjoy
Galactic Fun
So Super Mario Galaxy 2 came out the other day in the USA... unfortunately we live in Australia.... and won't get it until July 1st (utter BS). Enjoy Guys.

inb4 omg another update
Back after a whole year!
Bar 13 days of course. If anyone is still reading this... What's up, it's been a while. I'd like to be able to say expect more... I'd like to, but I won;t promise anything. Enjoy, no matter how risqé it may be.
It's just a new SEga Allstars Game. No biggie.
@ Disco_Fox: I may hold you to that... Seriously.
Well... after a 10 month Hiatus it would appear that we are back. For how long I honetsly cannot say. Enjoy.


The previous comic (Hard News) has be re-uploaded. Go have another read.
Pretty sure too many people in this world know about Top Gear - it's apretty damn awesome show
January 31st, 2009
Eye candy - om nom nom nom
January 11th, 2009
kinda depressing
comic 500
November 13th, 2008
never did get around to making a MegMan 9 comic (I did draw a few, but I never liked them enough to fully complete them). And besides, alot of the MegMan 9 jokes will be "omg kick in da ballz megman is hard!". So, I downloaded MegMan 2 on the VC (becaus 9 was so great I wanted more) and I thouroghly enjoyed it, aaalll the way to the end. It has some awesome bosses, and I laughed at the ending (I laughed out loud).

This is the first Time I've drawn Megaman properly, and I think it came out okay... ish. I'd love to hear what you guys think?

~ Nicholas La Sala

Megaman and Quickman (c) Capcom
~forgot to upload this comic in September.... when I made it!~

I made this for my studio arts final, it's based on my paranoia whilst moving things around while renovating my room.... yeah....

me (c) me lol