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Daddy !!

thats what evry child scream wen they see the military dad solcher opening the dor
realy to cute for this world ? kkkkkkkk
f*ck that hurt a lot and ... f.f.f.f.f.f.f.f.f.f.f flare will destroi evryting now and ... i need a braque
that ... was somting
yea see the night sky enjoing the alone time lisenig the sea , my dream spot
nice spot to have a girfriend to whatch the sky
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Arceus my childs ho are question is god and if he wnat you just desapier
its rely good but dont worry shool first and them the comic oki :P :3
*drinking tea and loking for wat is tha ting*

i have a question ?

And the pokemons from human world ?
finely the truf flarions fluff are a bag and i newit
im gon take my horse to the hotel rover and

*get headshot and die*
yea but he healed fast that too soo next day he will be hited again in the feice by Lazuly again :D
he have 100% chance to get thrown off the edge if Pearl read the mind of some of them so Black its dead ;w;
And like you sylvea have some one to stay if her and protect her, int her case Blak int your case Glace
dont forgot Pearl but i agred if you
ok but if you now lazuly its like a demon when some one sems to like Speedy

but now what im gona do if so many popcorns ? ;^;