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im death to you
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have you seen a clone go past here its got a prototype Armour scheme
also what is that brown pokemon at the top
just wandering what do you think would happen if a flareon found one of my newly purchased scorcher tanks
sooo your tellin me that your USS Iowa has missile launcher?

how much for it how bout i give you my ww2 Iowa
@Kidenderman05: *rips off a qaud missle launcher known as the brute-e4* give or i take
@pixlyJolt: *sunk 17 ships while hearing the transmission* yeah this place is as ded as i am skilled
wow this place is ded
*spots a berserk machchamp on a speed x lazuli ship* *aim rear gun turret at the ship loads up high explosive shells and starts bombarding it*
*crumples down to the ground*
*starts to glow in a blinding white red and starts to yell out loud in pain*