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January 13th, 2012
So if you decide to end it...
Would you mind writing up a short summary of what happens in the end? Like "so and so became godlike and all the others got boyfriends" and such? Something to tie up loose ends? I understand that sometimes we need to end things that take up too much time in our lives that is better spent elsewhere, so by all means do what you need to do... but please don't drop it with out some kind of closure. ^_^
Hi hi
I had a good summer but it wasn't exactly a vacation :-D I'm glad to see you're still working on this, as I really like all the comics and artwork y
ou do ^_^
I read all the updates! Yay :D You really did this well Ina :D I'm glad you could finish this line even though you are so busy with everything else O_O; We gotta talk soon so you can update me on what's going on :D
I love this story!!! I can't wait to see more :D
This was a really good story :D I've read it twice now ^_^
I don't think this story resembles any mainstream story. There are always going to be similarities between certain stories and other stories, because there are only so many scenarios we can have in life... but how you do it is what makes it different. People who compare things to more familiar things are not necessarily trying to insult you or bring you down. Some people think those stories are simply awesome and so, see it in anything with an even slightly similar plotline. Those are also likely to be the people that stereotype others the most. I really enjoy your story and with what you have provided us so far, I think that it could go many different ways.
I'm looking forward to the fruit of your toils :D
I have one thing to say to that! Hmmph! *giggle*
Yaaayyy!!!! Ina makes great porn XD teeheeh Gosh these two were so cute when they were younger :"D
He's like "Just shut up." *kiss* Oh hohoho
February 22nd, 2009
Ahaha Ina :D That's awesome as always and it's just soooo Eli to be like "WTF" hehe XD

Hotaru looks creepy and sexy most of the time but I have to agree that his smile really sets it all off LOL
AWWWWWW She broke his widdle heart XD And now he has to look to in and out for some animal style *cough* *laughter*
*points* "Tomorrow" Was a long time ago!!! XD I hope you update soon T^T

But life tends to be suck so I should start drawing my own comic before I nag at others about updating T^T;;;
I *soooo* cannot wait to see this 'nude party' :D he he he
February 11th, 2009
So about Hotaru's tattoos... I have this kinda tentative theory that he has so many strange tattoos because he gets fucked up all the time and people did it to him while he was wasted (most likely with his strung out consent) You gotta tell me if I'm right or wrong XD
February 11th, 2009
Haha Eli's thoughts about her are funny because ever since I saw her in the last page (nose and mouth) I thought she looked just like Eli as a female XD
I think you did an adorably wonderful job :D And I think that pitiful face is so cute T^T

And I wonder if his uncle is gonna offer to be his bestest best friend :D
LOLSSSS His uncle is hot O_O :D
It must be harsh when the person you like tells you he'll hook you up with someone else.
Wow~ You have truly made an evil villain ^_^ No kind of back story could make me feel good about her LoL Good job XD