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Raiden le Raichu
(Insert joke here... since I am not good at those creatures of words. >.<)
Hit or miss? She took the flipping kids, huh? Now I'm crying, I got no where to live, yaw. Take my sports car and drive off a bridge, yaw. They're gonna find my body and put it in a ditch, yaw.
There is only one thing that comes to my mind.. Lazuli's Father did it. Cause to me, what you peoples and Lazuli and Speed said, kind of makes me think that. Not sure tho..
Actually, probably not a lot of hatred..
Now let the love and mostly hatred right now, BEGIN!
Tbh, Its weird to me how Lazuli is being so nice (kind of) right now when this is In the past, but in the future of this comic i have never seen lazuli like that on the last few pages. And yes, y'alls have never seen me before because I'm shy.