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The outsider
Lov eto draw and beatbox very good in maths
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For pne that band with the picachu and lucario came from the original comic
I think my phone is broken i cant get some scripts on my phone but on my computer i can
Well these last pages got me to get more notes of what speed realy is , i think i found out hes actual color
But it might not actually be there
In the next page there is a bit of chance that everyone was wathing them
Either the virus took controle or he had a heck of a dream
I like to crack puzzle , its just how i am?
But im the only one actlully putting alout deepnes on what the story is about not how fast i can find it i just like being a quick therioser
No its my job i found out he would be mashed into potato and his real (probaly) thats ultimus and that he is apperantly "daddy" before everyone else and other things and you guys didnt find out anything

Has he gotten to a tier7 with the stage 3 virus(or amphibius) already?
I know but i knew that he would be crushed around a week ago
And i knew he would be mashed like a potato i said 5 to 8 pages ago
I knew it hes virus or amphibios knows thats speed daddy
Weel at least he can respawn
Speed will get mashed like a potato soon arcording to pkms scripts
Well at least i know how speed will die soon mached like a patato.