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The outsider
Lov eto draw and beatbox very good in maths
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Speed : sorry cant stop thinking about saving the world maybe next time
Axel "worked" things out with lazuli by turning gears
No my autocorrect sucks and look at page 18 or 19 for other chat from me my phone sucks at respawding
Pkm 150 does some stories for futur chapters on devaint art one wich has a new virus did speed get infected by this one
Well on devaint art there is something wierd apparntly speed will have one more evolution than the others 🤔🤔🤔🤔 dose he get infected by new virus (check pkm150 storytime pages special chapter 9 or 10
in devaint art there is a secret on speed try to find it and be amazed of what might happen (from pkm 150 of course) dont worry if you dont find ill just say it in the next page
Then it must be almost the same level as alfa-storm armor of speed
-can use fire attacks
-+speed boost
-hyper weapons
Welp this curse just got to level insanity
Also can someone find me a better profile pic my 9 year old drawing skills suck and my latest drayings arent hafe finished
X-mon pokemon strangly disseapears after wild pokemon attak no trace of the missing pokemon found , if seen or found report to dective agency of pika holmes
I mean still a champion and hero
Well speed you were a champion and a upgrader can you make a portal
That is one small joltic