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This is great. Keep up the amazing work!
Hey welcome back! Glad to see you haven't given up on the comic. I was getting worried. I can't wait to see what happens next.
Bless you that was beautiful
Their acting puts Tommy Wiseu JJ the Room to Shame
Thanks for letting us know! We will wait until then
I love the look on Rudy's moms face. This page is so cute.
You do you! Make it however you like it is your masterpiece. That being said and I know this is incredibly selfish on my end but if the last update doesnt finish the story could you write like a one page epilogue to tie uo loose ends? I dont want to be left wondering like Venus Envy. That being said it is your work and I am very sorry if I'm out if line here
I see. So will you post the rest and then make an epilogue or are you done for good and just posting the last bit? Either way I'm thankful you are posting the rest of your buffet. Seriously you helped a lot when I was coming to terms with being trans and atheist. You made my day by answering back again. :)
Holy cow! I thought you quit making comics a year ago so I quit stopping by. Coming back to re read the comic that helped me out so much when I was realizing i was trans and becoming atheist is a great joy to find out you are still providing some updates! Thank you!