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I’m just a simple guy who adores Pokémon and knows way too much about it. I’m a big fan of the webcomics and I’m currently taking art lessons so I can actually learn to draw my own.
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    Logan Hernacki
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Not guardians of the galaxy ... I’ll leave now
I rly want that Zorua to be a very main characater, he’s just so fluffy ... oh yeah, celery is there
So MJ always treats kirbies as heroes, let’s hope he never meets KDA Kirby, that would end in hilarity
Yay, crossover time
Hopefully he hasn’t been in the castles
Looks like spinni’s feeling a little ... hot under the collar
Dem shiny eyes, soooo shiny
Oooh, it’s the nega-star
Oh no, a shadow ability, I blame team Cipher
Especially if something breaks part way through and they get lost inide the palace
Awww, but puns are great they’ll ... blow you away
YES! I was right :)
I still think that’s keeby painted pink
I just realized the stones shone above aren’t the stones yalini or vulpix girl (forgot her name) have, why?
something is going to go wrong with yalini’s stone, I can feel it
Kirby and keeby painted to each others colors, back on the other side is Kirby painted yellow