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I’m just a simple guy who adores Pokémon and knows way too much about it. I’m a big fan of the webcomics and I’m currently taking art lessons so I can actually learn to draw my own.
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    Logan Hernacki
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What da WA??!!
Myu got crazy eyes, with the red in them, hmmm, random power increase and a change of eye color, makes you wonder
Soooo, is this just a hiatus, or are you just not doing or something else?
@Pow Pow: The element known simply as "No" is a powerful one indeed, it's capable of stopping the most powerful attacks, return someone from the dead, undo massive destruction, simply by saying a single word, it is nearly infinitely powerful and hasn't been seen in a long time, the only one ever known was an original hybridor
As he uses the power it begins to assimilate into that of his own, the crystals, larger to begin with held the power Nirvana gave to him, as he uses it they shrink because when he taps into their power it slowly becomes one with his powers, once the crystals are gone the power Nirvana gave him will have completely assimilated into his own, simple as that
Well, my guesss was wayyyyyyyy off
Also, the stuff about the reversed roles are in real life, not the game
I was a riolu with a froakie partner, funny enough is that the roles of me and my friend a reversed, accept my friend didn’t come from nowhere one day, but socially they’re quite similar to me and my friend
September 15th, 2019
Remembers they were going to comment but doesn’t remember what they were going comment
He obviously got on the bus, jumped through the window y’know
Oma those eyes
@MercenaryX: Well that is possible that means that if both of Alejandro's were pokemon they both had to be sylveons that knew moonblast, so possible, but unlikely, but since it's a story quite possible
Alejandro knows moonblast so that puts Alejandro’s level pretty high compared to the others
Due to recent reasons I see why they want to avoid permanent death
I can imagine Giratina saying “sorry, you can’t visit daddy, he’s busy right now,”
Shaaaaaaarp shoooooter, also xatu can see the future so he knew that would happene, poor sylveon
Karby, stop looking at him like that or he will release the neurotoxins *shot for portal reference*
Listening to what?
I'm still saying some whole corruption thing or trapping that causes mew to fall asleep or something when leaving because possibly Arceus knows mew could reach him and has trapped mew there to prevent, also this one wish is about to go incredibly wrong possibly summoning a new human to the world or something much much worse, possibly a being that will want to be mew's friend, grow jealous of mew having other friends than begin to attack them leading to mew being captured so that it can be mews only friend forever, leading to a very sad looking mew in a cage.

Also Jirachi is acting very very different from before making me think something happened to cause Jirachi to go from super hyper pixie to old dude that seems super tired making me think that Jirachi is different somehow and this "wish" seems like it will have some horrible consequences.
@MissKate: Well, The fact that the legendaries are all grouping up like this makes me think arceus is going to do some great evil thing trapping, killing, taking away power etc. or very likely if it is corruption than I'm guessing it will spread to the other legendaries turning them evil.