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I’m just a simple guy who adores Pokémon and knows way too much about it. I’m a big fan of the webcomics and I’m currently taking art lessons so I can actually learn to draw my own.
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    Logan Hernacki
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We're just gonna ignore the site update?
I'm not sure who's creepier in that last frame
Those ribbons are just like earbuds
That bottom right corner one though
The explosion was heard from miles around, the only two survivors we're a gray Kirby a d a clown demon
That's a lot of petals
So what happened was that she was fooled into working for the evil company with their fake company front that is all about helping pokemon but they're actual using her so that they can collect pokemon for their experiments without anyone seeing them, because when they begin to act out with their hostile take over of power they don't want to be caught by the police during it. So all in all, she is actual being used to collect pokemon and will be terminated when she is no longer needed.
Two things, Alejandro regrets nothing, and WHY DOES JIRACHI HAVE HOOPA'S PRISON BOTTLE!?!?!?!?
But which gives her away more?
Lol, me literally every night
Timid is actually pretty good for sp. Attackers who need a little speed boost
So what happened here is that the psychotic pokemon actually captured that entire family of growlithe and the arcanine, they attempted to do what they did to the growlithes hut failed, the side affect was the Arcanine reverted to the most primal of instincts. When it learned that it's children escaped it forced its way out and chased after them to protect them, so when he/she saw Patch near the growlithe they attacked Patch trying to protect their children.
November 8th, 2019
Nah, poor idea but amazingly executed
Answer to what?
P.S. 151
@MissKate: Everything is the author planning something, that's what the voices in my head say
Okay, here's what happened with those two, the whole idea of psycho pokemon experimenting on other pokemon, the same ones that courrupted arceus are working on a way to gain complete control over corrupted pokemon, but these growlithes are stage 1, they're experimenting on a pokemon's mind when it's young so it's the most vulnerable because it's very similar to the state of mind of the corrupted pokemon, so they're trying to find a way to control the young pokemon so they can eventually control Arceus, these growlite managed to escape from the laboratory, they ran for days however finally fainted from exhaustion ending up here.
November 1st, 2019
The latter I’d say
Celebi is realllly excited about time travel
Yo, happy Halloween, got a nice Itachi costume for Halloween