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That is frickin' amazing. Also, who thought Jirachi needed such a big house?
Well, if they don't know, then it's probably fine... right?
@rhyzofan: most probably maybe that Speedy got together with Chill at Trace's dad's lab
That looks FREAKING awesome
Chill doesn't look that mad after wasting a month of his life for nothing lel. I would've punched the person in the face if he/she made me waste my life unless there's a purpose
Thats how most heroes die. Of ignorance
So (maybe) the victini knows both of them
So, this is more like a lesson...?
Is that armour? Please tell me that’s armour
Other universe... ooooohhh
This is just an awesome cover. Also, background stories I guess
@somerandomguynumber1: and such an awkward second panel
Kris among the four is who I like best
@Pow Pow: Yeah what is a leggy monster?
The last panel, well I think that was Kris's plan. Also maybe CC and Silvia got the same diseases, since Shadow CC said there were more things wrong with CC, or Silvia is just like that
Welp. not the greatest questions to ask a 3 year old
Fun and games, no deaths hopefully