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@PJSam: I agree it looks good/great/awesome/amazing/incredible/stupendous
I think Stewie may have a good time
@Firelord6127: And it's that job specifically
@bonberjean: A small size adult(Ssundee reference lel)
So he/she's finding information about some things inside a lab
Dusk is ready to kill someone
@DareDevil60: Technically, Flare is not THAT fine, his eye still turns red, just he doesn't go berserk anymore(ish)
ooooooohhhhh yeah... Cc has the same problems with chocolate. And Black being Black.
@DarkFireEevee: That could be debatable...
@Ngamer01: A WORLD RECORD!!!
@J3HS: That was totally a good idea to troll your friends
Ok so the zombie fish will start attacking them. Great
@DarkFireEevee: Yeah like of course it's the other Speed how can Cc even connect with someone from another universe
Suspicions and mysteries... Wait so Speed is kinda linked with Cc then
It looks like a rock...(?)
The bird probably doesn't care if people die along the way trying to see him from the looks of it