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@DreamHorrendous: No, not like lol lol, but like the other lol meaning (wut)
@jaketheflareon231: No, the imposter had the same profile, so PKM changed it. But now the imposter on youtube also has the same profile picture, but way less subscribers and is completely different looking than the face reveal we saw in DA, so me and a few others left him a good note saying that he should f off
@DreamHorrendous: Yes indeed. I have computer but not a friggin phone
@Phoenixf1r3: Stepfather. Brother. Father. IDK. lol
@mawile94: Frick sorry it was typo
@DreamHorrendous: When you hover over your own comment, to the right you will see a delete, edit and reply button
Poor Speed, never getting a break. Plus, Speed never asked you Lazuli, but hey, whatever
@Thegreekgamer580: Ouch to my heart if it ended like that, so many feelings
@Thegreekgamer580: Dude, just edit the comment don't leave fifteen comments because of one typo
@DreamHorrendous: Same thought, but she might also evolve into a sylveon for the fact that she already said she wanted to evolve into it, but who knows
@DreamHorrendous: NO! Gai is older than the rest, also, Gai already did try to join the squad but got REJECTED by PEARL so, ya
Wait a second, where was that flower she saw?
@MazXZ: Just don't take me seriously guys(except for some of my theory comments)
@EpicSignal: Oh come on Epic, your too naive, I'm just joking!
@EpicSignal: Ay! I am!(Not really, but compared to some of my other comments about someone *wink wink*, its much nicer, dense is better than s-... ummmmm... y'know...)
@EeveelutionFan#1: Well I didn't read that properly... Now I get what Kris is saying... Its basically crush on jolteon... WhyTF am I so stupid to not know that
@Dar_Bear23: She's too st- dense to realise that ya know