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Clover may be evil... but he totally has a point. No moar talking D: Yeeess. There's much better ways two gaybois can spend their time. Yes Clover, you dirty woMAN. (I just love those pants) <3

P.s this is officially my fav webcomic. YOU ACTUALLY UPDATE o[]o I was shocked and amazed. All hail Lucid.
Omfg YES! I love your break I do! I do! This is bloody awesome! I get stuck into uni for a measly like... month? Less? And I come back to so many updates! *Cries she's so happy* Omg what's going to happen to Kyle!? He kind of put his foot in it this time... *sits on the edge of her seat*

Ps. Death to scene kids. -__-
I've been had -__-
I actually fell for that. It crossed my mind that it was April first when you suddenly decided to BAM change your style so dramatically but then I thought you'd make it something really wacky... not... pretty. Damn you Ziggy! You fool'd me good! Lol. Glad you got a kick out of it. But truthfully... I'm glad they'll never have noses... haha, they'd just be weird being able to like... breathe and stuff.

You crying in the last panel is oddly adorable. ... *is surprisingly sadistic today*
I'm gunna say at first I thought this was another 'Kyle's in manga mode' again, (which I love, lol) but when I realised it wasn't I got pretty scared. The style's really pretty and a lot more defined and so different. I did bloody adore the uniqueness of your old style but this one is a totally amazing change if you stick to it :D What can I say? You're just a kick ass artist, it always looks good. And if it's SCSC I wouldn't care if they were stick figures. You'd still make them hot! And right on Kyle, Sasuke and Naruto ARE incredibly gay. That's juuust the way I like it XD Eee! I hope Dav shoves them together! Kyle/Dan action! XD XD XD
SCSC <33
Ah the power of Yaoi ^___^ How could we live without it? LOL. Man I love Kyle, he never fails to crack me up XD