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Snuffed out (somewhat literally) before I could even do anything fun :P

Oh well, I'll probably post an epilogue comic of sorts, of Iskios "Rejoining the great shade", or something of that ilk.
@Twentydragon: He'd move up the shady side of the pole, open the lantern, and blow it out. He's not 100% restricted to movement within existing shadows, he just needs one to, i guess "anchor himself" would be the best way of describing it.
@Twentydragon: I use "lamp" to refer to the entire lantern/pole ensemble. He moves it via the base of the pole, and he's just fine with the lamp off, so long as the pole still casts a shadow in the environment he's currently in. In fact, he often turns it off himself in bright conditions. Kerosene ain't cheap, ya know.
@Marcus Brigade: Taking away his lamp inside a fully-lit room, or any shadowless environment would kill him. Or, more accurately, just cause him to cease to exist.

And yes, he can interact with anything he can reach. Generally, if he can't reach something, he'll move the lamp around until he can.
Reference: Iskios
Surprise! Hope dropping a character in unannounced isn't unwelcome!

This is Iskios, the shade. As his appearance would imply, despite his ghostly nature, he's quite gentlemanly. He is capable of manipulating the physical world, and as such, he carries around his own source of light and shade, as he cannot exist without an existing shadow to reside in. Not much is known about who he is, how he's come to be, or why he's come to Valton, but he is neither harmful nor disruptive to those around him, and has been left in peace. He knows and understands English, but is incapable of speech, and as such, generally communicates by twisting his shadow into words. Despite this handicap, he will happily converse if talked to.
February 5th, 2012
@20D: You've got to go deeper.
February 4th, 2012
I'll pass on GMing. but I'll probably play this one.
If steampunk is buried, i'd like to do fairy tales.
September 4th, 2011
6,7,8. Kree. C:
Count me out for GMing, but depending on the game, I'll probably play.
Suddenly. CONFETTI!

Confetti of DEATH.

*faces urb and holds up a sign that says 9.1*
I'll hold no long-term grudges. However. I said before he'd look like an ass when he was wrong, and i intend to make good on that statement.
-turns to urb-

It's fine... I suppose.

I guess i should count my blessings that I'm still in one piece. Poor Jay.

-turns to cable-

As for YOU. Show me where your brilliant tests and obviousness are now, you flaming idjit! Huh? Show me where!

-heaves a sigh and turns back to Slinky's roommate-

What? Skunked!? AGAIN? Unbelievable!
(muttering) Bloody cheater must be stacking the deck or something...
I had an inkling something like this might happen, but I figured if he wasn't the real cop, the real cop would have says something by now
August 16th, 2011
Urb's wheels appear to be conspicuously absent.
August 15th, 2011
Dude. That. Is full of win. So much win.
@20D: Technically yes, but six&urb really kinda count as one unit.
For my own sake, I hope you're right.
*crosses his claws in front of him*

Or you're just a cynic. Either way, Tomorrow morning, I'll either be found innocent, or found dead. Should the latter be true,

*jabs a claw condemningly at cable*

May you live knowing my blood is on your hands.

*he looks back and forth*

Figuratively speaking.