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Cloud looks so cute in the header!
Also, the last panel is me everyday ;u;
@PokeDoki: I found it again, you can't hide your secrets from me tina! >:3c
@Guest: you could always make an account (if u don't already have one) and fav+ pinkeevee! :3
@Pinkeevee222: Sorry that I'm commenting so much on this comic, but why is the secret blog gone? It says that there's nothing there, so I'm confused.
@pixlyJolt: I'm guessing you guys have some sort of history that I don't know about then. It just looked like to me that you just called him a little kid for no reason, which is pretty rude...
@pixlyJolt: I'm pretty sure he knew who you were talking about, but you're just calling him a little kid for no reason?
I don't remember if I talked about that on the questionaire... I think I did? idk ;u;
@Creamy Eevee: shhhh we're not supposed to mention the sketchbook (;; '~')
I just noticed that Dawn in the header still has her bell, so that must be past Dawn.
@Creamy Eevee : Well, it's been confirmed that Dawn and Scull WILL have a kit, but the kit hasn't been born (hatched?) yet. But pinkeevee said to not look too much into the headers, a lot of times they mean nothing.
@Creamy Eevee: I never saw that guest roleplaying? Can you tell me what they said?
Nego is sooo cute in panel 16-ish! I love him~

Also, I can't wait 'til background eevee submissions are open again!
About the contest...
You said no "sparklemon", so no different colored pokemon, so does that include different colored eyes or having those weird hair-dye things, like a certain Jolteon that is NOT Bolt has?