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yeet flare rockin the eyepatch!
yeet flare rockin with the eyepatch!
Black is now starting to realise his foolish attitude.... Also... Waaaaiiiiiit wait wait wait...... Gai? Really..... If you meant that I've got one thing to say....... That actually wouldn't be to bad just don't try sink the second best ship in this series
Leafy x Flare is godlike ship.. I ship it alot... Also poor black
Uhh does that mean he just touched his wifes
That is 100% me in a nutshell
What a lazy way to send someone off
daaaaaaannnnngg progress!!!
SCARED OF HEIGHTS!!!!!!........ Well lots of people are so its fine Sylvia!
I'm guessing she's gonna say something like 'NOBODY TALKS ABOUT THE 4TH RULE'.... got it?
Geez.. Celebi.... Looks adorable but is a bit twisted... Also I agree with the ' Sadistic' term there...
Ships... Ships and... Can ya guess? MORE SHIPS!!!
Yes... FRANK we would love to hear their stories
Frank WHAT could you possibly have seen worse?
4th Panel, A bunch Of side characters watching the main characters do everything in a nutshell.
Blizz face....... That is the face of pure intimidation beyond granbull and salamence's limits
Celebi.... Geeeeez don't need to be so hars but she's like semi good, semi evil thing goin on