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I'm a fangirl. Sorry. I read Yuri and Yaoi webcomics and I am ALWAYS open to suggestions for new ones.
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LOL! Aw great comic! I'm so happy you updated!! I think your art has actually gotten better too! crazy! Anyways, this made me LOL hard. lol!
OMG! Thanks to this is not fiction I have found yet another INCREDIBLY AWESOME comic! I love this already and I'm amazed you don't have more fans/hype!!!
Keep it going pweeese! <33333
July 2nd, 2008
UPDATE?!?!?! OMG I THOUGHT YOU HAD LEFT US FOREVER! Thank you for coming back!!!
I'm glad I didn't give up... I still check for updates almost daily... lol
This is adorable! Just stared reading, and I loooves it. Your art is soooo beautiful! can't wait for the next update!!!!
yay! New reader here. I'm TOTALLY diggin this so far, and I can't WAIT for more. If Janey isn't a lesbian then I'm the queen of england (or also not a lesbian lol)
Anyhoos, can't wait for the next update! keep it up!
LOLOL! Okaie, I forgive you.
The little illustration to the right is the EXACT reason I never wanted this to end. ^_^ thank goodness you haven't left us. <333333333
I'm favoriting this cause I love it, but it looks like you haven't updated in a year....
Any chance at ALL? I hate getting into comics that have died....
I like this comic already! (I just found it through "This is not fiction") I looove your art style! It's so retro. I'll stick around for a while, cause I totally want to see where it goes! ^_^
YOU UPDATED!! *sobs of joy* I'm so happy. Dude... Korey and Janet should be lesbians. Now. (*one track mind*) Keep it up! I love you more than I love my mother.
THANK THE LOOOORRRDD!!!! I've missed SCSC so much... The style IS different, but I don't care. You haven't abandoned us!!!
I hope Daniel savvveeesss him.....
Okay, this is officially my new favorite thing in the entire world. I just started reading and I've been laughing like a mofo!! Gimme moar!!! (esp. moar peekaboo *lick*) anyways +fav