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May 13th, 2008
He looks cool ^^ And.. Yay for updates!!
Hope you had a great time in Japan :)
Wow, such fine art! And elves pwns ;P
That's exactly how I imagined hell. Good job!

Ok, that was a joke. It's probably not supposed to be hell. Looks like you're putting a lot of effort into this comic, it looks really great :) Keep it up.
Just read my way through the whole archive, and I must say.. I love this comic xD Valentine is my fav :) (Joey, please don't kill Val!)
*thumbs up*
I love this comic! The way you draw dragons is just amazing ^^ And you draw people really well too. Looks like you're putting a lot off effort into each page, cause they looks really great :D
Uh-oh. We don't like sneaky people.. e_e
Bahaha, awesome ^^ She's actually kicking ass already xD
Little rats.. yeah, how ironic.
I love this comic! It's genius ^^
The art and the plot.. everything is great :D
March 30th, 2008
Can't wait for the next update! So exciting *drools*
March 30th, 2008
Ooo, so far this looks great :D Professional art and good lines. ^^ Fav+
What a beautiful story. So this is the end? Did Angela make it?