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Hi, my name is sunnBerryysetttt, I'm also higaki enaka
Twitter= @higakienaka
Smule = @sunnBerryysetttt
Deviantart =@sunnBerryysetttt
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i wanna keep things simple, bery classic 👌, i know, its ugly af XD
Should i keep going?! my will for doing this is drained XD
March 20th, 2019
so planning to recreate this cuz some parts are wrong(for me xD) But im not even sure(im a tad bit sure) that no one is reading this at allXD SSOOOooo......lemme recreate thiissss XD, but i wont delete this comic, i will update the new comic anytime once i uploaded it~~~~ =^= -author -ENA-
I will update almost everyday I guess but I have an incoming exam sooo..... Gotta study!\ (=~=) /