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Call me Nore. c:
UHMMM. Is it better this way? If so. Let me edit all the other pages? DD:
LOL. Hades, why don't you know why there are more souls!!!??? Ya FAIL as the lord! *turns to see the ugly hags aka Keres* UHM! YOU'RE THE AWESOMEST LORD EVER! xD
-sniff, sniff- this is so sad yet BEAUTIFUL -cries hard- TT^TT
d'aw this is getting so adorable! >u< GO JAKE!
he shares the same b-day as my mom...scary!
d'aw so cute! >u< take your time, but just make sure you update sometime this year! :D
(Cali) California, USA
cool and sunny the perfect weather to me! Welcome back! So how was ur little break? and sure dorian ur not popular...
L.O.L! that show is like his life! >u< :DDDDD
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD
uhm.... o///o. preety coloring. Merry Christmas!!!
Who's that (cute) guy!? :O
haha. so funny... love ur work! <3
it's okay, i'll wait, i understand :D Plus adorable page >u< and also -looks arounds then whispers- you put sight instead of sigh.
I'll wait. just enjoy ur break. -sits down and waits- yup just waiting
it's all good! i'm just glad ur back ^^
aw... that happens to me too! ">.<
haha. >u< so adorable! (the little girl of course)
the suspense!! needs the next page!
Delphin in the third panel is adorable!Posidon too of course ;D