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I love drawing! I love making stories and reading stories!! Watch me on deviant art! Where you can also ask questions for the Pokémon in my comic!
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I know I do too XD
First! Sorry I had too 😂
Ya the charizard stood no chance and he wanted to teach him a lesson not kill him... Yet...
Wow thats amazing!!!
Meet the best search team in the shadow kingdom!
I know!!!!
XD i think my favorite part of drawing this comic is drawing shades face!!!
Let’s say He’s channeling his yveltal powers search up yveltal oblivion wing and you’ll find a drawing of yveltal glowing like that. And his eyes changed because well you know how yveltal eyes look
Who dead?
There not going to die!!!
Your right!!!
Bad.... you’ll find out soon why
XD glad you liked it!
I like it though XD it’s so sad though
Your going to like the new page that’s coming!!!