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I love drawing! I love making stories and reading stories!!
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Yes its fine if they have one of the types. And I noticed that a long time ago but I was to lazy to fix it :|
This is just the first one it won’t be one of those and he can control when his rings glow, he mostly let them glow all the time. Ooo and also thanks for loving my comics!
You are asking many questions! And well the king grew dark because his parents at that time died and his sister too due to psycho Pokémon. So the queen was not apart of him becoming evil so if the prince who I won’t tell his name yet marries a sylveon which might not happen he wouldn’t turn evil. I still don’t know if he will have a ship.... so it might not be a sylveon... MIGHT! And thanks for being so excited!
FIRST! Sorry just had to! 😂
Oof I just noticed that. And it will kind of be how you hope it is but a bit different! I can tell you how it’s different if you like but it would spoil it so just tell me if it’s fine if I do!
Yeah I did it was cool! And you should make a comic!
Ok I’ll go check it out thx!
Really?! Send me the link!
Yep this one will be better I promise!
🤣 will see if she’s his new Wifu!
Well it’s not that.... he just has a special power that other Umbreons don’t have but good guess!
I’m not good at drawing... :p
He really doesn’t know because his parents never taught him with the little time they were together. And when his parents got corrupted something died inside of him. But he’s actually really defensive he was just distracted by Spark
Sorry not really good at grammar :p
I’ll tell you the reason why he is that way! Well if Spark would somehow be evil or bad he could take him out pretty quickly because he’s level 59 and Spark is 48 sooo he’s not scared of him at all. And he can’t use that memory against him because he’s taught himself to not get affected by it.