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I am a hobbyist comic drawer. Fan of pokemon, swords and both!

I am from Spain, with spanish being my first language. I generally can speak english fluently, but expect errors from time to time.

I have an account on dA, you may check it out here:
Attention read
As for now this is the only page I can submit right now.
Turns out that the other pages are way too big for SJ... so I will have to find a way around that.
Lux... that's a pretty uncommon name.
I like it.
@MercenaryX: Don't worry, today I have planned to release the next chapter. In a matter of hours or so.
Sadly, I can let you know that we will not see these three in the long term. Thanks for the comment!
Wait, is that a misunderstanding or did she really get hit by a baltoy?
And if she did... when?
Hmmm... In a way, I feel like Atty is putting into words what we, as readers, think.
I mean, I am sure that I am not the only one who didn't care about those people being robbed. All we care about now is rescuing DT. These people? They are jerks, secondary characters... no worth of pity.
Which morally makes me think...
The fact that this comic updates each day makes it one of the best in this site!
Oh, so she's the guildmaster.
Very badass-looking. I already like her.
I am with 90% of the commenters here that Atty must tell her the truth.
I hope she doesn't pull of a "I am so offended that I leave before the main character has proper time to explain himself" or something XD

Nice page, H0ly! I have been reading this comic for years now (I just recently made a SJ account)! I have been enjoying every single one of the pages. Keep it up!
-Aidan Lithart, Kadabra
-Leon Briar, Nidoking

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this introduction.
As you will see, this chapter is very disconnected from the rest of the story, but it serves me as a way to introduce you all to this weird ruthless medieval world I have made up with pokemon.

Comments and critiques are always welcome!
-Aidan Lithart, Kadabra
-Leon Briar, Nidoking
-Aidan Lithart, Kadabra
-Leon Briar, Nidoking
So it begins
-Aidan Lithart, Kadabra
-Leon Briar, Nidoking

The whole comic is already submitted to my dA, but I will try to post these pages slowly but steady here, on SJ.
Today, this whole first chapter!
...but as I am posting it I am realizing the low quality of it.

Who knows? Maybe one day I will re-do these pages.
First page posted.
32-ish more to go!