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Obsessed with reading and music
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    Rachel A.O.
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@Ruby_Phoenix: ikr
August 14th, 2019
@FastPuck: true
@Funkoking : ikr
July 13th, 2019
@FastPuck: SO true
May 21st, 2019
@MIDOxRI: well it is what it is
he did not even let him speak and Kim, chill out and try to understand Kylee
should I be scared of what Bianco about to do?
@YukixKaname1: At least it's good
@Gina_Sun: it ain't a love story so they don't end up together in the end?
April 10th, 2019
@serenidade2607: probably, youngblood by 5 seconds of summer
oh no well it what it is
so...basically all of that was just him imagine it wow...😁🙄
I would have snitched tbh