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Love how you're telling the story to go with these amazing "photos"
Love Domino's shirt!
@JoKeR: No sorry needed. I have a great memory for anything I read, and a terrible memory for everything else. :-D
@JoKeR: We got Samuel's name back when they introduced the All Eyes On players.

When Samuel comes upstairs after the game is ended, you can see Looney's sorrow at seeing his injury. Very telling.
George never has to remember where he parked his car.

Also, Looney and Samuel are really cute together. 😉
I can see why No1 doesn't like being touched.

Also, what a cool color!
@Harkills: I always love to see what people do when they relax. Reading, watching television, playing cards or whatever. Like the trip Domino and Marcus took the the Hell Yeah factory.
I love seeing random sketches
I want an owl lamp too!
March 22nd, 2019
I hope Greyson brought his new demon friend.