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makes me think of how can u kill him O_o cut of his head? X_x it'd be creepy if he just grows another head or something XD....
November 30th, 2008
LOL! that was a brillant idea! punch a hole in the floor above him!! love it XD. it'd suck if the neighbor fell through that hole .-.
yay a cover!!! XD i think i see where this one is going lol....can't wait for tomo :D
OMG!!! YAY SUPERSPOON IS BACK YEAH!!!! wow....their home o.o; and this cliffhanger >.<!!! so good!!!
LOL they're all like "wth..." and tabitha just freaking out XD!! Love the 3rd panel XP

o yea...and leaving jasper with a knife?....XD
lol...well that sucks XD.....
whoa could his dream be deja vu? XD
^lol yea u can find almost anything on ebay XD..

aww to bad for tabitha no fun for her =/
ur not old XD. very young :3

lol if i were gail i would've broken that thing the second i got ahold of it XD......and i love the guys expression in the last panel :D!
Oooooo...he really said it XD i like how he just walked off like he was saying "My work here is done :3"
lol the kitchen >:D!! and Gail does have a point on how its his fault XO...
LOL i love how the guy is just like ".....o crap..."
LOL looking for my contact lense XD!
oooo cant wait d^.^b
:OOOOOOOOO well ill still be waiting until july 12 :D!!! cant wait >.<~!!
:OOO wat is he gonna do!?!?! cant wait >.<!!!