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At slacking off.
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Hey! I already asked. :D
August 19th, 2009
Sorry for the missed post on Monday! My sister and I were at a remote place in the middle of nowhere...While it was beautiful, it had no internets and I did not set up a auto-update and...

Yeah. I'm very sorry? :<

It's a double page spread to make up for it! :D

P.S. Thanks for the comments everyone! I don't know how exactly to reply to them, but I live off of your replies (especially yours, Michelle!) Muchos gracias!

Gallery & fanart page will be up shortly (tonight).
Mmmm yes. :D
Oh ho ho....-pushes lumberjack man forward-
Nywies claims we agreed not to have any non-comedic romance in our comic, especially guy on guy love. Although I remember it differently, there will be no boy-love or girl-love or guy-love or guy x gal love (etc etc) unless it's in the fillers or really stupidly funny. >:(

This one doodle is of Edwin and his old school-mate who won't appear 3.

SO. There's no comic today (14th) because it's my birthday. D:< GOT A PROBLEM? TAKE IT UP WITH THE MENZ.
Ah, my favourite season has finally arrived (but the weather here is perpetually autumnal :D)!

The first person who gets the reference I'm making in the alt text gets a free commission.

P.S. I made this drawing a while ago and got the idea for this post then. That's why the date is...August. Pic done with pen & openCanvas (mouse).
August 9th, 2009
This is the 4th incarnation of page 5. And still I am not satisfied.

Nevertheless, here it is. Page quality is like a sinusoidal curve, and this is the approaching zero part by 1pi. :(

Sorry guys; maybe I can break the trend and Wednesday's will be better.
August 8th, 2009
Tee hee
This is my favorite page. :'<
Oh noes! The unicorns stole his kidney!

But on a more serious note, that sucks. I wonder what his response will be like when he meets his savior?

Your webcomic has a very dream-like feel to it; I can't wait to read more. :)
Tee hee.

Demon eggplant!
Hahaha. Hopefully it's a ditto...

Love the blood splurting out. It's probably ketchup...?
This sketch looks really good. :D
Oooo~! I love octopuses, and that's one fine specimen... C:
Oh ho ho...-fans self-
August 6th, 2009
The flow of the story is great! Your paneling and art are both beautiful...

I'd love to read more! :>
Whoa. Amazing page! This comic is mind-bending and I love it. :) Can't wait to read more!
Haha. Classic. :D
August 6th, 2009
Here's another peek into our hero(Edwin)'s twisted mind!

This page was a killer but panel 4 was especially difficult. I spent around .5-1 hour deciding what to do with that section! :< (texture from!)

Regardless, I love the way nywies interpreted "demonic aunt" <3. She worked hard on that panel!

XD I'm pretty sure updates will have to slow down once school starts, but hopefully I'll get auto-updates set up by then. -lazy-

Aww thanks! :D I think he needs a haircut. That oily mop on his head is probably infested with all sorts of unmentionable things >:(
where the old guy imitates a shoujo female
This was a really random and disjointed page. :( Kind of a filler until nywies and I finish planning the next few pages/chapters 1+2.

I'll also be testing out update schedules! Probably M-W-F depending on how things go.

P.S. His attention span is shorter than mine. >_>