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Whoops I am a day late! Sorry! Have a WIP. I suck at anatomy so it took me like fifty tries to get the poses looking not totally stupid, and I still have issues. D:

Anyway, hope you all had fun yesterday! If you didn't notice the news post, I'm taking a little time off from FMBH in favor of real life. I'll be back soon though!
October 16th, 2010

Yeah, that's who I thought of after I drew him. That skeleton used to scare me as a kid. XD
October 16th, 2010
I lied about the two pages this week, because I started playing Pokemon Fire Red. >> OOPS.

Mihael, this is why people think you're weird.



@kriolynn: He overreacts a lot... XD

@sbdrag: Aww, don't worry, Adele won't be around for long. And Kama will be back in a few pages or so. :]

@Morichi: Mihael fails his ninja test. :<
Aww yeah Killswitch. What a classy guy. <3

Also, this comic is awesome, and I am totally impressed by your watercolor skills!
This one's a bit late; sorry. I had a sucky week with tests and crap. But that means I'm pretty free next week, so maybe I can get two pages done! No promises though.

Adele is fun to draw!



@zomiter: Aww yeah. Now there needs to be a superhero with the power of MANLY. He'd be called Manlyman. XD

@sbdrag: Thanks for the link! It's so catchy! And I'm glad you like the comic. It's really encouraging! <333

Yes, when thinking back on this, Mihael will wonder if Kama was literally hunting people down or not...and then decide he'd rather not know. XD
Early comic page, yay! And we're done with the flashback! Mihael isn't allowed to wear all white anymore because it makes the panel too white.



@sbdrag: I've never heard this song before, but now I feel like I need to look it up. And don't worry, Mihael will soon realize just what he's gotten himself into. >:3 And Kama approves of anyone who rants about his smexyness. Go. Spread the word. XD

A Q&A might happen at the end of this chapter! I think it'll be fun!

@zomiter: He has the amazing powers of BEING MANLY. It's super powers enough. He is a rare breed indeed in yaoi manga...or manga in general. >>

@J-F: Poor guy. He'll just have to get really good at running away for now.
September 27th, 2010
Mihael's priorities go: 1. School 2. Superpowers.

Someday I will be able to draw him consistently.



@sbdrag: Mihael is srs about his future. Nothing wrong with wanting a good education. 8I

@DCEsRedStar: AHA. He could be. >> << ...But if Dusk had thought of doing that, this series could be over very quickly. XD

@zomiter: It's a legit concern. :P
September 20th, 2010
Stupid sketchy page.



@sbdrag: Thanks for the ideas! But I'm probably just going to get on with it, because I don't want to drag this out. XD And no, Kama isn't. Good guess, though!

@lockjaw50: If only it were that easy. XD But then I'd have no plot.
September 12th, 2010
Perspective? What's that? >> <<


@Squidnee: Yeah, he's screwed. XD

@zomiter: That's okay, my wit breaks down on a regular basis. I'm not sure I even have any. But I'm glad someone doesn't mind my storytelling!

@rocketintothesky: Aww yeah! Neither of which he has normally...because I'd go insane if I had to draw dreads every panel. c:

@sbdrag: You'd fit in better than Mihael, for sure! Though he's taking it pretty well (because I'm too lazy to plot out a nervous breakdown).
September 6th, 2010
I suck at pacing. I just dumped all this exposition on you. I promise this won't happen often though.



@Morichi: Thank you! And I imagine it's because humans haven't been around as long as the other planes. Anyway, it's not like people from other dimensions can just hop over into our plane. There are regulated portals and stuff, so most beings (including humans) would have to use those to travel through.

@zomiter: He is part human, at least. c:

@Squidnee: To be fair, he does look a lot like a human...except for his eyes. XD
Kama tells you about the universe and stuff! It's super educational.



@sbdrag: Me too. I would've been like "YAY!" Thanks!

@Dr.Jekyll: Thanks for the crit! You're right, he does look older than 18. I'll try to fix that in later strips.

@otaku_lady: Thank you!! I'll try to update faster from now on.
I have no excuse for disappearing for almost a month except I've gone back to college and I've been going to class and hanging out with friends who have a lot of video games. Also, I've been nitpicky about how the pages look, but I haven't been able to make it look nicer, so whatever.

Anyway, hopefully from now on, I'll be able to do at least one page a week.



@Squidnee: I don't think Mihael would be too happy about that... XD

@otakulys: I actually think it was that the noses were too long... But thank you!

@zomiter: Awww, thanks! >w< I'm glad you approve!!
@Squidnee: Aww now you're making me blush. ^///^ Yes, Kama should steal Mihael's glasses more often...

@NATSUKO641: He wishes he could be that awesome. XD Thanks!

@Ray/Pico: I like dreads! I would draw Kama with them all the time except it would be annoying to draw.
LOOK I drew backgrounds!
@Jirakotsu: Hopefully things will make sense soon! Kinda...

@lockjaw50: We'll be getting to more fun stuff soon! Thanks!

@Hisui-Hyena: Only a nerd would want to go back to class after pwnzing some demon gate thing. :I

@Squidnee: I am excite too!! 8D And I'm glad you think so. Thanks!
..of Chapter 1! *w*

And if you're just as confused as Mihael as to what's going on, don't worry! Chapter 2 is exposition tiemz!
@Squidnee: OH U. =w=

@lockjaw50: Well, he did just see a freaky skull gate battle. He needs *some* sort of explanation... XD
@Squidnee: Thank youuu! *w*
I am so bored during summer vacation that I think my brain might explode. But that means more comic pages because I have nothing else to do, so yay!

Also, I was thinking about doing some sort of "ask the characters questions and they will answer" extra, but I don't know if I'd get any questions. Would anyone be interested in such a thing?
@Caoimhe: Thank you! It's always encouraging to hear that. :3

@fisherskitty: I'm glad! This way's a lot easier too. XD