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Okay now some info about my self...I'm 16 years old and I like to draw anime a lot, coz it's pretty much the only thing I can draw x3 I hate drawing backgrounds and perspectives coz I suck at those. I read both Yaoi and Yuri...well I can take mostly anything aslong as it is not too graphic. hmmm...what else...I dont have a tablet so I color by mouse, but I someday hope to get a tablet.

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yaaaay~ fan art for me ahahahahaha~ my adorable character shou :D goo check out her gallery :3

annd all know now my real name lol!
i have no idea what to say know....maybe posting a lot of pages in a day is a bad idea? I'm running out of things to say XD
i'm like in my what page? and theres still no smex? come on rhyme do him already! you know that he's shaggable XD
because I love fillers....and you can't do anything about it :)....the picture is horribly distorted coz I resized it....i'm just waay to lazy to fix it, so there XD
lyke wow...a star....thats it? cheap and ghey....ahahahahah
ahhh~ because i'm a lazy bum and i refuse to spend time toning'll see how much effort i placed here....which is zero :3 more characters wheee~
because i have no life....i'll uplode more pages...yeah...the two main characters...i luff em :3. i wonder who is the seme or uke...idk....XD
just the stupid prelude....yeah its sucks....this was like a last minute idea so its rushed....and sucks, so yeah.
Because I love doing filler pages (well actually thats a lie...i'm lazy at coloring but whatevs) so heres another filler page. thanks~
This will be my super sparkly eye-blindingly bright cover for my cover The Path of Destiny. Happy reading.

Note: I'll update this when I want to, I'll prolly update a lot then go to an indefinite hiatus so don't be shock when I suddenly stop.

Yours Truly;
OMFG!!!! my stomach hurt so much from laughing at the last panel!