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wandering echo
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    Echo Cave
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Is it me or everytime I see fluffy I get reminded of that equinox because of the duality
Damn I was drinking my tea then I got suprise and did one of those cliche things after finding out more about stuff
Welp someone broke my mind of locig and got damn this is too good to Be a crew of a ship
But a unsuspecting person has open The door once again the embarrassment has arrived (Tsundere mode active) (。_。)
The ship has set sail once again ヾ(o◕ω ◕)ノ
Welp someone is gonna have a bad time (non pun indented) because someone's gonna spoil ya secrets
My theories is there may have been a Berserk Pokemon in the house but having someone's neck slit open can be done by claws on my belive so we can either look at the pokemons have a parts of there body Blade Like or sharp as a Sword/Blade examples are Aegislash and it's other evolution Aswell Pawniard and Bisharp Kabutops and syther are good examples too
Oh this is getting too a Sherlock Holmes type of job